Female Voices and the Arc of Life

Sunday, February 28, 2021
concert-clock 5:00 pm
concert-pin All Souls Church

Musica Viva NY celebrates the eve of Women’s History Month with a program by female composers for mixed choir and organ. The concert will take us on a journey through the arc of life, with works by a broad range of American, British, Canadian and Australian composers born in the 20th century, and a strong connection to the 11th century through Hildegard von Bingen in Frank Ferko’s Hildegard Organ Cycle, and in two of the choral works.


Musica Viva NY choir
Trent Johnson, organ

Christina Brice Dolanc, Constellation
Frank Ferko, Completion of the Cosmos, from the Hildegard Organ Cycle

Mary Jane Leach, Night Blossoms
Lori Laitman, The Sun Went Down, from The Earth and I
Judith Bingham, Annunciation, from Ancient Sunlight (Organ)

Sally Beamish, In the Stillness
Judith Weir, My Guardian Angel

Sarah Hopkins, Past Life Melodies
Frank Ferko, Human Nature, from the Hildegard Organ Cycle
Vivian Fung, Sanci Kuni

Jocelyn Hagen, Laus Trinitati
Text by Hildegard von Bingen

Kala Pierson, Blue Phoenix

Hildegard von Bingen, Caritas Abundat in Omnia
Patricia Van Ness, Cor Meum est Templum Sacrum
Frank Ferko, The Effect of Love, from the Hildegard Organ Cycle

Rosephanye Dunn Powell, Non Nobis Domine
Susan LaBarr, Grace Before Sleep

Jane Marshall, Song of Simeon (Nunc dimittis)
Eleanor Daley, Set Me as a Seal
Florence Price, The Hour Glass (Organ)

Abbie Betinis, Bar Xisam (Upward I rise)
Elizabeth Poston, Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

All Souls Church
1157 Lexington Avenue,
New York, NY 10075.

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