As I write this we are experiencing a global event that has shocked and transformed our world. We do not know how long it will last, but now, more than ever, music should play a vital role in our society as a vehicle for consolation and inspiration. Musica Viva NY’s 2020-21 season will offer joy, solace, and renewal in a complex world (affirming our mission statement). Our programming this season has been influenced by the complexity of our times and is born from a deep desire to give our audience hope for a better and kinder future. Struggle, relief, spirituality, beauty, life, and mercy—themes that are often experienced or reflected upon during times of stress or uncertainty—are deeply embedded in it. When we emerge from this dark period in our lives we will be elated to be able to gather once again in one space as a living and loving community. I can’t recall any other time when I have so deeply appreciated the unique and wonderful phenomenon of the human experience known as live music. Our performances this season will reflect that sentiment.

Due to the public health crisis we have moved our October and November concerts online, keeping the scheduled dates and times. If we have to reimagine either or both of the formats of our planned concerts in 2021 we will do so, but we will plan to keep the dates and times that we have scheduled regardless of any such revision.

To enhance your enjoyment of each concert, please join us for pre-performance discussions. Beginning one hour before concert time, these informative talks will feature special guests sharing their expertise and unique perspectives to enlighten audience members and uncover new ways to hear and enjoy the evening’s program. Every concert promises to be an extraordinary experience – mark your calendars today.


Alejandro Hernandez-Valdez

Artistic Director, Musica Viva NY